Are you sick and tired of the same old porn? Have you ever had your porn actually talk back to YOU?

Get ready for the next evolution of porn. I'm real, I love sex, and I love being the most interactive sex star on the net!

When's the last time you got an email from a girl you just watched in a porn video? I email with my members every day, and not just about sex (that's fun too) but about anything from chit chat to sexual advice and dating tips and more.

Look, I don't blame any of the big pornstars for not having the time to interact on such a personal level, I'm friends with many of them and I know how hard they work (no pun intended). When they shoot for the big companies, they are constantly traveling, living out of hotel rooms, feature dancing and doing events from city to city, shooting videos and pictures for hours at a time and so much more...

I'm like the people's pornstar, I might not have the big marketing budgets and millions of followers that they do but that just means I get to concentrate more on the amazing and faithful members I do have. This is what I do full time, work hard on making my site the best it can be and making time to talk and interact with you which brings a whole new dimension to what I like to call "personal porn" :)

People are excited about my Personal Porn

Here's what some of my members have had to say...

I have to say again, joining your site has just redefined how much fun you can have online, just wish I had done it sooner.



Thought you might want to know, I've decided to keep your site membership up to date. (I usually just let them lapse, after the first month) It isn't just that you're a VERY sexy lady, (you are) or that your videos are a special turn on (They are. Some of the fetish stuff isn't my cup of tea, but...)

You call what you do "Personal" porn, and I think that that's the difference. You answer emails, you respond to comments. The chemistry between you, and B comes across well enough through the process to make it almost feel like being with you in person. (Thats one VERY lucky guy) Keeping my membership to your website current is the LEAST I can do to say "Keep up the good work"



Good evening, Lelu. Here is why I like the voyeur cams best. Really cute Lelu is putzing around in kitchen, Fozzy is rolling around in living room attacking a toy. Lelu comes out to tune TV and returns to kitchen. B steps in to kitchen, Lelu throughs her arms around him and gives him a kiss, then she returns to the kitchen.

This is why I love the voyeur cams. An intimate look at a wonderful family at home. Just being wonderful, loving people. I love the kitchen cam, not because that's where a woman belongs or anything sexist like that. The cam is placed just right so when you look at the TV, it looks like you are looking right at me. I can imagine we are having a normal conversation about how our day went. It's like I'm there.

I like the bath cam cause there is occasional bathing and all guys like to watch naked girls take a shower; and, I got a kiss in there once. And the green room... Wow, there is all kinds of hot stuff happening in there after 10:00, if I can stay up long enough. An insight into what a really great monogamous porn stars life and work are like. So, thank you for the voyeur cams.



you are amazing. i read some of the reviews the you show on your site before joining, and thought to myself, it would probably end up just like any other site, but i decided to give your site a shot anyway.. and I'm happy to say, it was nothing like i expected. it was different and better than any site i have ever seen or come across. i think you are doing a great job.



Let's just say I already know that I made a mistake of joining another twitter personalities website, and once I joined it looked like it hadn't been update in at least a year! Then I ran across you on Twitter and knew I made a mistake, but at that time I had already paid for a month, so I finally cancelled it today, and immediately joined yours as I knew you were more "interactive" but would never have guessed you would be this nice and so interactive.

Wish I wouldn't have made the mistake a month ago, and joined your site right away.



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